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Folsom Oral Surgery And Implant Center Reviews
2370 E. Bidwell, Suite 130, Folsom, CA 95630
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Posted On: 02/23/2024 Thank you for your outstanding service! We had an urgent need for my Aunt who has Alzheimer’s, your team was able to take care of her dental needs and helped us avoid an emergency situation. Wendy M
Posted On: 02/06/2024 If you need oral surgery, I'm so sorry. If you need oral surgery you can't find better than FOSIC! The entire office staff is wonderful. They are welcoming, compassionate and patient. I needed an emergency tooth extraction due to an infection. They fit me in on the same day and got it done. Dr Olsen is professional and does excellent work. They showed me an x-ray of the finished extraction and implant. It was text book perfect. The whole process was scary for me but they made me feel comfortable. It was relatively painless and quick. Beyond happy that I chose FOSIC! Cindy K
Posted On: 07/18/2023 From the minute I walked into Dr. Olsen's office I knew I was in good hands. The front office staff are friendly and introduced themselves. Everyone I encountered introduced themselves. Since I work in the medical field I know self- introductions are often skipped over as unnecessary. It is actually very important . Dr.Olsen himself took time to carefully explain my dental problem. He then carefully examined my teeth and discussed the care plan. He is a very kind, gentle and understanding doctor. I had complete confidence in him after this initial consult. As for the actual procedure it couldn't have gone better. I elected to have local anesthesia . The injections were painless and enough time was given for my surgical area to be thoroughly numb. I never felt any pain the entire procedure. Even more important Dr. Olsen frequently checked in with me to make sure I was comfortable. My post-op care was explained thoroughly. Interestingly I was prepared for pain and swelling and I honestly never felt any pain. As a final note , I had been to another oral surgeon for a consult before going to Dr. Olsen . Every positive I have mentioned here was a negative with the first surgeon. I was so fortunate to end up in Dr. Olsen's office ! Tom W
Posted On: 11/04/2022 Good morning All, I just wanted to thank you all for a great experience yesterday! From the first time I spoke to Tracy on the phone to having the procedure done same day (still blown away with this!) everything was amazing... You all Rock! Dr. Olsen, no bleeding, swelling or pain since you finished. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am! I’m also pleased that both you and Alexandria talked your way through what was going on. I hope you all have an amazing weekend, and thanks, again, for all you do… and do so well! Kindest regard, Doug M. Doug M
Posted On: 05/25/2021 Carol had oral surgery and Dr. Olsen is amazing from his professional and attentive staff to a surgery which was painless and healing quickly. Outstanding Carol J
Posted On: 08/25/2020 This was my first visit to FOSIC to have an implant recommended by our family dentist, Dr. Maddox. The staff supporting Dr. Olsen is very courteous, proactive, engaged, and helps at every step with care. Every step of the way, all my questions were answered and explained in detail in a friendly, professional manner. The surgery with, local anesthesia, was very precise and moved quickly with no difficulty. The music in the operating suite was prefect and relaxing (Neil Young). Great! I was somewhat surprised at how quickly the surgery was completed. It was painless and I have experienced no pain at all even after 5 days. I followed the directions for post-operative care exactly. Dr. Olsen's talent shines as well as the team he has developed. This was an excellent experience in every respect! I highly recommend Dr. Olsen's practice! For me......a perfect experience!! Dennis D
Posted On: 04/02/2020 Dr. Olsen is an amazing oral surgeon! I asked him if my tooth was out yet and he said 'Yes' I told him I didn't feel anything. His office is always clean, professional and the staff is great. Might I add that Victoria is such a wonderful person and is always there to help with your billing questions. Patti S
Posted On: 03/25/2020 Dr. Olsen and his entire staff are amazing! My daughter has been to Dr. Olsen twice now and most recently had her wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Olsen is very thorough in explaining the procedure he is going to perform. His entire staff is very knowledgeable, patient & friendly. Thank you so much for making my daughter feel at ease both times!! Brooke K
Posted On: 11/08/2019 In my numerous appointments held at your office, I have always had a wonderful experience. I've always been greeted by polite, courteous and professional staff, and Dr. Olsen is second to none in his expertise and ability to execute procedures with precision and minimal post-op pain. I'd recommend this office to anyone with dental implant needs! Marcus S
Posted On: 09/05/2019 Victoria and the entire staff are top notch. Made us feel like part of the family. They were quick and super efficient.

They are the best.
Linda West/Keith O
Posted On: 04/11/2019 Dr. Olsen and his staff were great to work with for my oral surgery. The office staff were knowledgeable, welcoming and very friendly. The office was so comforting and up to date. This was the first Dr. office where I could fix myself a cup of coffee. The waiting room was so comfortable. The actual surgery was done expertly and with little discomfort. Well defined post-op directions resulted in quick recovery with no complications. Dr. Olsen will by my choice if I need any oral surgery in the future. Steven E
Posted On: 02/12/2019 Dr. Olsen was excellent each time I came to visit. I never had to wait and the receptionists were always so pleasant to talk to. My benefits were clearly explained to me and they worked hard to make sure I received the max I could from my insurance company without having to pay too much out of pocket. I get very nervous every time I go see a dentist and this is the first time a dentist office made me feel at ease at all times. The day of my surgery procedure it went so smooth. They gave me step by step process for after my surgery, and I literally had no pain or discomfort following my surgery. I had a couple of follow-up appointments and came back with good reports and the healing went real well. I no longer need to see Dr. Olsen, as he has completed the necessary procedure I needed him to do, but I would recommend him to anyone who needs a specialized dentist. He was always soft spoken and very tentative to what I needed. For the first time I felt comfortable in a dentist chair only because of Dr. Olsens professional care and attitude along with his excellent staff members. If anyone is looking for a dentist go to Dr. Olsen, you will be happy you did! STACEY B
Posted On: 11/09/2018 I just wanted to leave my impressions of my experience with you. From the very beginning, until finally having my procedure completed. I found that all involved, Not just the Doctor, but the office staff and procedure assistants, treated me and my wife with what I, believe to be a perfect combination of friendlyness and professionalism, seldom encountered anywhere today. I believe that all the staff should be commended.
If ever given the opportunity, I would happily give you, my unreserved, positive recommendation to any who would ask.
Michael Eribes De F
Posted On: 08/07/2018 Dr. Gregory Olsen is truly an amazing Oral Surgeon!! I needed a couple teeth removed, it literally took him only five minutes and he was finished. When I got home, there was minimal bleeding, no pain, bruising or swelling. He is compassionate, caring, excellent at what he does, and has surrounded himself with a fun, kind and professional staff, who make you feel so comfortable. Thank you Dr. Olsen for everything! Janet B
Posted On: 12/06/2017 Using Fosic for my oral surgery needs has been such a joy. I needed some work done. My general practice dentist gave me a referral, and from the first contact ,the front office was so kind and informative. Victoria was especially helpful for my registration and initial appointment. From my first consult to surgery the front staff, Victoria and Antoneta have been nothing but helpful. The oral surgeon's assistants especially Lori, who mainly assisted me during my pre and post op visits was also very kind and informative. I appreciate doctor giving me the information to make an informed decision. When it came to my multiple surgery appointments the whole staff made a very pleasant and excellent experience. The pleasant and enjoyable banter between Victoria and I, which resulted in a little green toy truck was an amazing touch. My overall experience with Fosic, I would have to say is top notch. Kevin F
Posted On: 11/14/2017 Yesterday, my 89 year-old mother needed to have an urgent tooth extraction which was diagnosed by her regular dentist. Given her age and medical history, Mom's dentist, my regular dentist and a trusted family friend who is Dr. Olsen's patient, all recommended the same Oral Surgeon! Dr. Olsen and his professional staff were able to get Mom in quickly, and get her tooth extraction done. Today Mom is doing well, no pain or swelling and she is pleased with her decision to put all her confidence in Dr. Olsen. The receptionist was very kind and helpful, the dental assistant was thorough and professional, and Dr. Olsen was able to allow Mom a high level of comfort and confidence in the procedure. Dr Olsen followed up with her today to make sure she was ok. We are very pleased to have such excellent care and expect to have a continued smooth recovery. Thank you so very much to Antonetta, Dawn and Dr. Olsen. Laura W
Posted On: 10/12/2017 I had my wisdom teeth extracted at FOSIC few months ago, I highly recommend Dr. Olsen. The staff squeezed me into an appointment as soon as they could cause one tooth was infected. The surgery went well and recovery was great. The team of insurance analysis also was very helpful and thoughtful. Aidi C
Posted On: 10/02/2017 I was a bit nervous thinking about getting an implant. But all that went away immediately upon meeting Dr. Olsen and his All Star staff. First off Dr. Olsen is amazing. He is friendly and knowledgeable and has a great smile. He really listens to your concerns and does a fantastic job of answering all of your questions. His confidence in what he does and the manner in which he speaks to you makes you feel safe and right at home. I really trust him.
The office is beautiful and to tell you the truth, I love everyone that works there. Friendly. Helpful. Caring. Thats what FOSIC is all about. They put that smile right back on my face.
Two big thumbs up. 11 out of 10. So if you need to get some dental work done, make that call. You will be glad that you did. They really did a great job with me.
Robert W
Posted On: 09/25/2017 Just cant say enough about Dr. Olsen and his team. I needed a tooth extraction with implant after developing an abscess. They immediately took care of me, giving me an immediate appointment. Dr. Olsen was amazing making sure I was comfortable every step of the procedure. Highly recommend because of their professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for me. Special thanks to Lori, his assistant who was highly knowledgeable, made me feel at ease right away. Thank you! Roxanne R
Posted On: 08/14/2017 We chose Dr. Olsen to remove our daughter's wisdom teeth. The office itself is very modern, clean and comfortable, and the staff could not have been more helpful and friendly. They provide extensive pre and after-care information, and help you feel really confident in the care they provide. They have a well-oiled practice and it shows through everything they do. Dr. Olsen and his staff conducted a very thorough pre-op consultation, and we knew exactly what to expect. They sent her home with an oral rinse, homeopathic recovery methods, and even a special cream to apply to her arm 1 hour before the procedure, so she would not feel any pain from the placement of her IV! Additionally, they provided my daughter with her prescriptions PRIOR to her procedure, which was extremely helpful and convenient. I had a couple of concerns the morning of the procedure, and made the mistake of not checking in with him or his staff. They are extremely attentive and I missed an opportunity to allow them a chance to respond. If you choose Dr. Olsen, and have any questions or concerns, just ask him. He is so happy to address whatever is on your mind. My daughter came home with a special ice pack and a Jamba Juice gift card, and her recovery has been flawless! This is a first class oral surgery practice, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better doctor, staff or experience anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Olsen at FOSIC! Tae E
Posted On: 07/28/2017 When I came in, I was very uncertain and nervous on how my operation would turn out. I had never had my wisdom teeth pulled out. My last tooth extraction was quite unpleasant many years ago which happened at another dentistry. I am pleased to say that this was the smoothest and fastest oral procedure that I have ever experienced. Dr. Olsen handled the impacted teeth with the utmost care and Cat was superb at the preparations before the actual procedure. The staff is really kind and patient. Dr. Olsen is really professional with his work and is very nice and patient when it comes to the concerns of the patient. FOSIC is really the best place to have any type of oral surgery. Andrew C
Posted On: 05/10/2017 I have been through many many dentists and oral surgeons in my life and never experienced anything like this! By the time I got comfortable in the chair, Lori put dark glasses on me so the light wouldn't be so bright, chap stick on my lips, the Dr. comes in. He gave me the novocaine and pulled my tooth and was out of the room within 3 minutes! What! Wow is all I can say! Great experience, beautiful office, and staff was wonderful! Thank you all for making me feel so at ease! Patricia M
Posted On: 03/17/2017 Excellent Dr. Olsen always on time does a good Job Staff are very respectful and beautiful. They make me feel welcome at all time .
Great place to have your surgery implant done. Excellent staff very respectful and treated me with dignity wonderful doctor.
Adel H
Posted On: 02/28/2017 Dr. Olsen is the best! He's super knowledgeable yet able to dumb it down for us normal people to understand what he's talking about. Very down-to-earth guy that knows his stuff! Love his staff also, super warm and help you feel comfortable. Victoria, Antoneta and Dawn are sooo sweet and really made my experience more relaxing. I would highly recommend this place. The office is definitely high end and extremely clean. They have top-notch EVERYTHING. Dawn even gave me a heated blanket before they put me under! I was treated with the utmost respect and overall kindness imaginable. They really have thought of everything to make you more comfortable. I sincerely appreciate everything they did for me. Thanks Dr. Olsen and team! Lauren R
Posted On: 02/24/2017 The team here is extraordinary. Victoria, Alexandra, and Dr. Olsen were able to fit me in last minute and provide top notch care. Zach B
Posted On: 02/17/2017 Dr. Olsen is an artist. I got an extraction/implant/bone graft at his office and the entire process was flawless. He is professional and knowledgable, his staff are friendly and accommodating, the office is very clean. I would recommend FOSIC to everyone. Danielle H
Posted On: 02/16/2017 My experience with Dr. Olsen and staff was excellent. Everyone in the office was kind and sensitive to the fact that I was very nervous. They tried to put me at ease, which they did! Dr. Olsen did a great job. I had very little pain after the procedure and am back at work today. I was impressed that he called me personally to check in with me yesterday. All in all, this went as well as it possibly could have. My thanks to all of you. Ann D
Posted On: 01/29/2017 Awesome service and care from beginning to end! Two of our children have had wisdom teeth removed and each experience was excellent. I am very impressed with the friendly and professional office staff, and Dr Olsen and surgical staff equally so. Nice people! But most important, the surgeries and recoveries went smoothly, and all procedures and instructions from start to finish were explained clearly. Thankful to have found a fine oral surgery practice for our family's needs. Robin M
Posted On: 01/04/2017 Wow! Customer service through the roof! Dr Olsen and his staff are top notch, I've never felt more relaxed in a medical office in my life! My wife had an ultrasound the day of my appointment and they made sure I made it out on time; I am very nervous around any medical office and they made sure I was comfortable! Thank you Dr Olsen and staff, my family and I will be coming back for many years to come! Shaun L
Posted On: 11/17/2016 I am 13 years of age and I had to get 4 teeth pulled out for braces. I was of course scared but all the staff made me feel welcome. They were all really nice and Dr. Olsen was very kind to me and made me feel less scared than I was before. The reception area was beautiful! I definitely recommend going there! Kiara Z
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