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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Can Be Problematic
Wisdom teeth removal is some of the most common oral surgery. However, the removal of wisdom teeth prior to eruption is a little more involved than a simple tooth extraction. Some general dentists may have the skill required to remove impacted wisdom teeth, but usually the services of an oral surgeon are required. Oral surgeons are often chosen because patients need to be asleep or heavily sedated for the procedure and oral surgeons have the equipment and skill necessary to sedate or provide general anesthesia to patients.

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Tooth Extraction

An extracted tooth leaves an open area in the jaw which, in time, allows the neighboring teeth to drift into the area where the tooth was extracted. This in turn, causes a chain reaction to all the surrounding teeth.

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Wisdom Tooth Development

Wisdom teeth generally begin to form in your pre-teen years. By late teen years, the crown of the wisdom teeth will begin to erupt through the gums if there is adequate room. By mid twenties, your wisdom teeth will either be able to fully erupt or will have become impacted.

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Wisdom Tooth Problems

The problems involving your wisdom teeth may be caused by the size of your jaw and/or by how crowded your teeth are. Common warning symptoms that there is an un-natural problem in the development of your wisdom teeth could be pain and swelling.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Removal of wisdom teeth could be done while you are sedated and being carefully monitored.

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After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Post-operative care of the removal of impacted teeth is very important. Carefully follow instructions to minimize unnecessary pain and complications of infection and/or swelling.

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