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Folsom Oral Surgery And Implant Center Reviews
2370 E. Bidwell, Suite 130, Folsom, CA 95630
5 / 5
based upon 104 reviews.
Posted On: 10/16/2016 Dr. Olson extracted and gave me an implant the same day. I expected this procedure to be, 'quite frankly miserable', he not only had great staff, he also performed the job flawlessly. I would recommend him to anyone! Dan B
Posted On: 10/04/2016 I was terrified to get my wisdom teeth out. I made appointments to get my wisdom teeth removed multiple times in the past at different places & always chickened out last minute. I am 31 years old now & I started having pain and getting infections around my wisdom teeth so I had no choice but to remove my wisdom teeth.

I decided to go to Dr. Olsen & I couldn't be happier with my decision. They treat you like royalty & make sure to make you as comfortable as possible. They put me at ease & even go to great measures to make sure you aren't in any pain or discomfort even when they put the IV in to put you to sleep. I can't say enough good things about this office. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing to get their wesdom teeth out.
Channon R
Posted On: 09/10/2016 In March, 2016 Dr. Olsen removed a wisdom tooth and a root canal gone bad. The surgery and eventual replacement of one tooth with an implant went very well, and I am happy to say now, Sept, 2016, the result feels and looks better than I ever expected. The staff, from the front desk to the surgical assistants, are all professionals--a team focused in on the satisfaction of each patient. Douglas C
Posted On: 08/25/2016 Everyone I met at the office was kind, friendly and professional. I felt as though they really had my best interests at heart. They took their time and answered all my questions, I never felt rushed or felt that anyone on the staff was rushed. I would gladly refer anyone that may need oral surgery or an implant to this office. Thank you
Elizabeth M
Posted On: 08/25/2016 For all those who are afraid of dentists or the embarrasment of your teeth, go see Dr. Olsen. I hadn't been in over 12 years. Embarrasment was an understatement. From the moment I went in, the entire staff made me feel comfortable. I had ended up with 5 extractions to be done. Needless to say, I was terrified. They did exactly what I was hoping for. A truly painless and quick procedure. Dr. Olsen and his staff treated me wonderfully and made my experience better than could be expected. Didn't even need the pain medication! Thank you so much to the entire staff. I truly feel better about myself and dentistry in general. Chris F
Posted On: 08/18/2016 Dr. Olsen and his staff, both front and back office, are the best I have ever experienced in my 63 years. I have had 3 teeth extracted and 3 implants and have never been in any type of pain. The staff is very good at making you feel welcome and your comfort is their number one concern. I highly recommend Dr. Olsen. Tom E
Posted On: 06/27/2016 I cannot say how grateful I am for finding this place! I had a wisdom tooth that had to come out. I was swollen and in a lot of pain. I could not find a dentist that would help me. One other dentist told me they couldn't see me for another month! I called Folsom Oral Surgery and explained what was going on and they rushed me in. Not only did they pull the problem tooth but they made it as easy as possible. It wasn't fun, I was getting a tooth pulled after all but they made me feel as comfortable as possible! I was given a warm blanket during the procedure because I was cold, the dentist made sure that I felt nothing, and the dental assistant was so caring. It was the best experience I could have ever hoped for. I left the office with all the information I needed to care for the tooth, many ice packs, ice holder, chap stick, medicine, and even a jamba juice card for when I felt like eating/drinking something. I cannot say how great this experience is. Seriously, call them and make an appointment. They are amazing! Krystle S
Posted On: 04/29/2016 All were very professional and courteous. Overall experience was excellent. Stephen C
Posted On: 04/29/2016 The doctor and staff were super friendly and made me feel very comfortable! Alicia B
Posted On: 03/29/2016 Gregory Grant Olsen owner of Folsom Oral Surgery and Implant Center and his assistant Dawn, I really can't say enough wonderful things about them. They fit me in at the end of their day so that I didn't have to be in pain one more night. I have suffered with anxiety when receiving any dental care. Both Dr. Olsen and Dawn knew that and told me I was in control and they were as good as their word. They took their time, were compassionate, funny gentle and procedurally the best technics. For a phobic like me to say I would go back is a big gold star. I wanted to write this review to show them how thankful I was for their great care. Today a little discomfort from the procedure (to be expected) but the pain was all taken care of and I feel great one day later. Robyn M
Posted On: 03/28/2016 Outstanding care and service. Everyone was personable and professional. I'd highly recommend Dr. Olsen and his staff. Nancy P
Posted On: 03/28/2016 Victoria is very sweet, professional and provided all the financial information we needed to schedule the surgery. The nursing staff were excellent and provided exceptional care. Dr. Olsen called in the evening to check up on my daughter. She had minimal pain after her wisdom teeth removal and had a very brief recovery period. Samantha H
Posted On: 03/28/2016 I'm 26 years old and I had to have my wisdom teeth taken out recently. I thought I would be one of the lucky few who didn't have wisdom teeth. But I was wrong. Luckily though I only had them on the top. Long story short I was crying waiting for Dr. Olsen because I was so scared of feeling any pain or discomfort. However, I didn't even feel the injections from the shots! The whole process took at the most two minutes and I didn't feel a thing. No discomfort and no pain whatsoever. The worst part of the whole day was sitting around feeling bored because I couldn't do anything. I didn't even take my pain medication!! The visit was great. The staff is friendly and Dr. Olsen stays so calm and is meticulous but fast. If you have to have your wisdom teeth removed and want the most pleasant pain free experience I highly recommend going to Dr. Olsen!! 10/10 by far the best dental experience I've had and I never thought getting wisdom teeth removed could be so effortless!!! Katherine
Posted On: 03/09/2016 These guys are amazing. Went way out of there way to help me with oral issues. Dr. Olsen and his staff went above and beyond. I would recommend to anyone, even if it meant driving for hours. These guys really are the best.
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Matt F
Posted On: 01/26/2016 I'm almost sad I won't need to go back! I had three wisdom teeth exstracted. I had so much anxiety leading up to the day. When I got there they had a warm blanket for me and I had a very caring dental assistant. All the horror stories from everyone (cracking and pulling and pain) didn't apply here. When he was done, I literally couldn't believe he had pulled three teeth out of my head. And I just had the gas.... Unbelievable! The Doctor even called me back when I had questions the night after the procedure. Great place great Doctor!
Patient Review From Facebook Facebook Review
Alexis T
Posted On: 01/12/2016 Both of my children one of whom has Autism and cannot speak recently had their wisdom teeth out. Dr Olsen made them both feel safe and comfortable. My daughter who is 17 raved about how nice everyone was, and while my son was getting his procedure we received updates on how he was doing and how he was handling his first surgery. That completely calmed my nerves and I couldn't be more thankful. Thank you to Dr. Olsen and his wonderful staff for the excellent care before during and after the procedures. You guys are the BEST : ) Dana And Stephen P
Posted On: 12/18/2015 Great dental work and a wonderful, friendly staff. Could not have asked for more. Thank you. Don Donald H
Posted On: 12/05/2015 Excellent service...from the front desk receptionist (Victoria) to the back office dental assistants. Everyone is personable and adds to the overall relaxed and calm atmosphere. (Trust me...this is what you want when you are seeing an oral surgeon!).

I was in some pain and the Oral Surgeon I was referred to couldn't even see me for a consult for almost 3 weeks! Dr Olsen's office arranged for me to be seen later the same day I called!! (Impressed!)

Dr Olsen himself is not only very nice, but presents himself in a calm confident manner, so your first inclination is to trust him. You won't be disappointed! I was scared out of my wits but Dr Olsen and his assistants made me feel calm and as comfortable as possible. (I was having oral surgery after all. The only way I was going to be totally calm was if I had several very stiff drinks!).

Surgery went extremely well and fast.
I was assured Dr Olsen himself answers all his after hours calls. The test came the night after my surgery when I had some unexpected bleeding. I called the number they gave me, and miracle of miracles ...HE ANSWERED!!! Gave me some suggestions that worked...but I was assured if they didn't he was available to see me! Gosh...who does that anymore???

Highly recommend!
Sandra Q
Posted On: 11/19/2015 All too often we see reviews for poor service or some other unhappy experience. Not often enough do we take the time to leave a review praising an establishment for excellent services. I got to thinking about this after I had a tooth extracted and a bone graft build up at Folsom Oral Surgery and Implant Center. The care I received was nothing less than outstanding. The office itself is sure to make anyone nervous about their procedure relaxed and comfortable with its relaxing, spa like ambiance. Then the receptionist staff are so very friendly and are quick to offer coffee, water, or tea and make you feel at home. Dr. Olsen and the back office staff are also very friendly, educational, and caring. The assistants and Dr. Olsen explained everything in detail about the procedure, what to expect later, care for extraction site after, the next steps for the process of the implant, and basically left me with no questions. I was so well informed on every step of the pre, post, and the surgery itself. The procedure was so quick and uneventful that my response when Dr. Olsen said he was done was, 'that's it?' After the procedure they set me up with an ice pack wrap, some chapstick (nice touch since my lips were dry from having my mouth open), and a prescription for pain. As if all this was not enough to really make me feel like I was being taken care of, Dr. Olsen took the time to call me that evening just to make sure I was ok. This office is excellent! I go back in 3 months for an implant and am not the least bit nervous! Highly recommend Folsom Oral Surgery and Implant Center!!! Kyle L
Posted On: 11/16/2015 Dr Olsen is awesome! I have seen him more than 5 times in the last 2 years. His compassion and kindness is top notch. His office staff are wonderful and make you feel important. I would recommend Dr Olsen to everyone who needs a implant. Thank you for providing excellent treatment and service to me. Patti S
Posted On: 11/13/2015 I have worked with Dr. Olsen and other oral surgeon through many procedures, Dr. Olsen is the only oral surgeon I would trust in my own mouth. He makes sure you feel no pain and he always explains everything he is going to be doing during the procedure. He is the best oral surgeon I have had the honor to work with, highly recommend. Trust me he's worth it if you need to pay a little extra. You won't be disappointed he will take care of you. Kristie D
Posted On: 11/13/2015 Excellent staff. I would recommend this oral surgeon to anyone. Utmost professional. Anonymous
Posted On: 11/01/2015 This office is wonderful! I highly recommend it. I had to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed at 54 yrs old; they got me in quickly, were very efficient and timely. The procedure went well, Dr Olsen is obviously experienced. Discharge instructions were clear and they gave me all the supplies I needed. Staff is great, answered all my questions, and they knew who I was whenever I called.
Go to this office for any oral surgery you need, you won't regret it!
Pattie T. RN-BC
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Pattie T
Posted On: 10/16/2015 Absolutely love Dr. Olsen, and his staff! I was able to get my twins in the same day for a consultation, and scheduled a surgery that met our needs. My twins had an easy recovery, they were never once in any pain or just comfort! I definitely recommend him to anyone! Victoria T
Posted On: 10/07/2015 **Update**
One week ago I had my wisdom teeth removed. I was in and out, my healing time was quick and Dr. Olsen's office took wonderful care of me!! I love this office!
Dr.Olsen is extremely knowledgeable and their 3D scanner was really cool. It's one thing to see your teeth in an Xray its totally different (and really neat) to see your teeth in 3D, skull and all!
Patient Review From Facebook Facebook Review
Chrystal S
Posted On: 10/02/2015 I came here for an extraction of one of my wisdom teeth. They were great with scheduling my appointment around my work schedule. They also provided an estimate cost for the procedure and were pleasant to work with when making adjustments on the items needed for surgery and adjusting the cost for me. The front desk was extremely friendly, Victoria was amazing. Being a early morning appointment, these ladies were very personable and had a good sense of humor. Not like some other places I have been where they are grumpy first thing in the morning. I would definitely recommend anyone to this office! Veasna
Posted On: 09/30/2015 Dr. Olsen was wonderful. He explained everything he was going to do before he did it and with a plain and full explanation. His staff of assistants were very caring, efficient, and knowledgeable with the dental implant procedure. I was fully aware of what to expect when I entered into the dental transplant procedure. Dr. Olsen's front office staff were very efficient in making appointments, explaining billing procedures, and making you feel comfortable with a cup of coffee and conversation. Both staff's seemed to be real friends rather than service providers. I would/will go back to Dr. Olsen in the future and recommend him to friends in need. John H
Posted On: 09/21/2015 It was like going to a magic show and the trick was to remove my tooth without me knowing about it! Raymond M
Posted On: 09/04/2015 I recently went in to have my two lower wisdom teeth removed and just have to share about my incredible experience here. As soon as I nervously walked in, I was greeted ever so kindly by the receptionists and immediately offered coffee and water, even though I was taken back to begin work so quickly I wouldn't have even had time to finish it! I was nervous and not only did the receptionists help calm me down, so did the assistants as well as Dr. Olsen himself. They have the friendliest staff I have ever experienced which was wonderful. My wait time was minimal to none. The doctor fully went over the procedure and medication to make sure I was thoroughly comfortable and took wonderful care of me in a timely manner. This was absolutely hands down the single best experience I have ever had at a dentist and actually look forward to going back for more work. As long as I live in the area I will only choose Dr. Olsen and his outstanding staff. If you're considering stopping in, I highly recommend it. Dr. Olsen even called me later that night after pulling my wisdom teeth just to check up on me and see how I was doing. That's spectacular. Thank you Folsom Oral Surgery and thank you Dr. Olsen. Paul V
Posted On: 08/31/2015 Dr G Olson and staff are really a great Oral Surgeon Practice.
Highly recommend.
Dr Olson fixed the problem in one visit.
His office is relaxing.
Darlene D
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