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Folsom Oral Surgery And Implant Center Reviews
Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 99 reviews.
★★★★★ all were very considerate and nice. Folsom
★★★★★ Everyone I met from the ladies at the front desk, to the nurses to the doctor, truly made me feel comfortable and welcome. I will absolutely recommend this office to everyone I know in need of oral surgery. Thank you again for everything. Folsom
★★★★★ Dr. Olsen and his entire office and staff members are simply the best. They are all very professional, caring and make it a truly great experience each time. Keep up the great work. Thanks again. Folsom
★★★★★ Exceptionally great professional services and live & cheerful energetic environment was given by the doctor and his staff. I personally was very much impressed by the treatment I got from this facility. I'll give you all the STARS seen in the sky************ :) Folsom
★★★★★ Victoria at reception was very friendly, put me at ease both the day of the consult and of the procedure. Dawn and Dr. Olsen were fabulous in taking care of me. I really appreciated that my wishes were respected, even though my requests about meds and suturing were a little unusual, and that I was talked to during the surgery, not over. That was so important because I chose to be fully awake. I was completely shocked to find that getting my permanent retainer bonded in at the orthodontist years ago was scarier than this extraction turned out to be, because at FOSIC I felt in control, and knew minute by minute what to expect about the sensations going on in my mouth. The ice pack headband, chapstick, jamba juice card, etc. were neat perks, thanks so much! Folsom
★★★★★ Everyone was above average professional and pleasant. Dr. has an awesome sense of humor. I'm actually looking forward to having him extract my tooth. (LOL) I was made to feel very comfortable :-)
★★★★★ Overall experience was excellent
★★★★★ From the initial greeting, the procedure was handled by everyone in a friendly, professional, and reassuring manner. I was very comfortable throughout. Folsom
★★★★★ everyone is AWESOME!!! Office looks nice. Very comfy. Coffee was good!!! Everyone was very very nice and helpful. They took all the time we needed. wasn't hurried. it was like I was the only one there. special treatment!!! Thank you all!!! Folsom
★★★★★ First impression is the last impression, is very true, when it comes to Dr. Gregory Olsen's office. The doctor and all the staffs I dealt with are great and the first impression is given by the first person you meet at the office. In my case during all my visits, the first person was 'Victoria Tran'. I could not stop myself praising Victoria Tran, the Patient Care Coordinator's patience and friendly nature to help patients visiting the doctor's office. She is the face of Dr. Olsen's office, who will welcome you with all the genuine smile and help you through all the questions you have before and after your treatment. For me she has been a great example of patience, the way she dealt with my other doctors' clearance for my dental surgery. Victoria, Hats Off to you for being so patient. You impressed me highly with the way you handle the patients at the doctor's office! You are gem of a person. Thank your doctor, Victoria and other staffs for treating me with your highly skilled professionalism. Folsom
★★★★★ I was referred to Dr. Gregory Olsen to remove my impacted upper wisdom teeth (both of them.) This year 2014 was weeks away from ending and Christmas and new year celebrations were in full swing. My insurance was about to expire and I was worried that no one would be able to schedule me in...please see review of family dentist Dr.Engel who referred experience was WOW!
First impression, they not only managed to schedule me on same day consultation after seeing my family dentist, but they scheduled me for surgery the following week!

Second, walking into the office is like walking into a cabin resort in Lake Tahoe. Comfy seats, fire place, and your choice of hot tea, coffee, or chocolate from a mug made by the keurig machine in the waiting area. (Am I here for a spa treatment or a dreaded dental appointment?Heehee) Friendly, professional, and CLASSY assistants greet and happily work here.

Third, what a likable, professional, and genuinely, wonderful oral surgeon! My check up, and then following surgery was a truly five star experience! They gave me sun glasses for the bright lights, a warm fuzzy blanket, explained kindly every step they took, and the anesthesia hit me like a rock! Hahaha! The after packages were top notch too! A custom made ice pack, chap stick for cracked lips, and a jumba juice gift card were my wonderful treats along with the regular and common info after a procedure like this.

I should have come here to get my lower wisdom teeth pulled years ago. But am so honored and so very happy that Dr.Olsen and his team were the ones who saved me from my upper impacted wisdom teeth! I am blessed to have gone here....and who would actually say that going in for dental surgery?! I certainly did. Big smile!
★★★★★ Both my wife and I have had extensive oral surgery performed by Doctor Olsen within the past year, In each and every visit, Dr. Olsen and his staff treated us with the utmost professionalism, competence, courtesy and sensitivity. We experienced absolutely no pain in any of the operations! Dr.Olsen scheduled many follow up visits to ensure that post-surgery healing was totally effective and complete. The FOSIC team is wonderful! Folsom
★★★★★ Fantastic experience at FOSIC. The professional staff and Dr. Olsen created a comfortable and pain free environment for my procedure. Highly recommend FOSIC! Folsom
★★★★★ Learning lesson: I'm 55 years young if I knew what I know now regarding implants I would have never had root canals followed by a crown to cover a dead tooth! What was I thinking and why didn't my dentist refer me to Dr. Olson for an implant instead of getting that crown? When I walked into Dr. Olson's office I felt right at home - I was greeted by Victoria and I knew right then and there I was in the right place. I own several companies and it is so important to have someone professional to greet your customers with a smile and friendly attitude. Victoria not only achieved all of the above she was everything I would look for in an employee. Great job Victoria!!! When I met Dr. Olson and the rest of his staff I knew he was the doctor for me. I have a mouth full of root canals/crowns which I'm now going to have Dr. Olson replace them with implants. So anyone reading this please consult with Dr. Olson before getting that root canal/crown. Please ask for Victoria - I guarantee you - she will put a (((SMILE))) on your face! Folsom
★★★★★ I was a little nervous about getting my wisdom teeth removed, but once I met Victoria in the lobby, I felt a lot better about the procedure. She made the process so stress free, and I felt like I had known her for years after just a few minutes of conversation. This girl is one of the best receptionist I've ever met, and she really does deserve a raise! Thank you Victoria for making my visit so pleasant! I wish I had more wisdom teeth to pull just so I could visit the staff here. Such a wonderful atmosphere! Folsom
★★★★★ Experiencing the aftermath of what my siblings went through years ago when having their wisdom teeth removed made me very nervous about having the procedure. However, after my first visit with Dr. Olsen, I felt so much more at ease as he explained what I should expect before, during and after the surgery. Best of all, my recovery was so much quicker than I ever envisioned. Thank you very much Dr. Olsen, Victoria and the rest of your wonderful staff for the professional care you all provided to me. Love your office decor too!!!! Folsom
★★★★★ About two months ago, I had my consultation with Dr. Olsen and from the very beginning you could tell he's a great guy. I had my surgery there and everyone who helped was amazing. I dont remember much from the surgery, but I know this place is the best place you could go. Literally. I would definitely recommend Dr. Olsen office to anyone I know. Victoria is very nice and welcoming. Dr. Olsen and Victoria took care of me very well. I would like to thank you for the amazing service. I am highly happy how everything turned out. :) Folsom
★★★★★ Really like the whole office and staff, Dr Olsen reminds me of one of the Blues Brothers. Very calm and sure of himself something you like to see before surgery. The tooth came out in a short amount of time and I took no pain killers after wards. Cant say that would happen to everyone some are just in need but he is there to make sure your visit is a memorable one. Love the design in the waiting room and his staff are so well trained and attentive.
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★★★★★ Dr. Olsen is awesome! He, along with his team, made me feel completely confident in my entire experience. Something I truly appreciate. I would recommend any and all to go see Dr. Olsen. Thank you so much Dr. Olsen and wonderful staff! Keep up the amazing work!! :) Folsom
★★★★★ Dr. Olson is a great dr I work another dental office and we frequently refer patients to him all have been very satisfied with his work I personally got my wisdom teeth taken out by him and I was very pleased with the outcome
Patient Review From Facebook Facebook Review
★★★★★ I came to Dr. Olsen to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I was nervous about the procedure but after talking to Dr. Olsen and his wonderful staff, I felt more at ease.

The day of the surgery the staff was helpful & I was well taken care of & most importantly my recovery was quick. I was back at the gym after a week. He's amazing & I would recommend him without a doubt!
★★★★★ To say that I was nervous about having my wisdom teeth removed is an understatement. Perhaps the understatement of the century. Dr. Olsen, Robin, Victoria and Cat come together to form an absolute dream team!

From the genuine interest shown in my mental state, the concern for my finances and the gentle manner and calming spirit of Dr. Olsen, I would recommend this team in a second! There is literally no amount of thanks I can give to them and no adequate praise for the skills they possess. Bravo!
★★★★★ I just LOVE dr Olsen and his whole staff!! I had a procedure this morning that I had been dreading for a long time and his office made me feel so at ease and made the whole process sooo much easier!! Thanks Victoria, Dr Olsen and the rest of the staff!! I've already referred you to three people this week!! ;) Folsom

Having gone through the 'rite of passage' of getting one's wisdom teeth pulled many many years ago, and remembering that experience vividly as something 'not so great' (to put it mildly), I was definitely a little apprehensive in deciding on an oral surgeon for my daughter. Well, have no fear! Dr. G-luxe is here!

From the initial consultation through recovery and post-op, Dr. Gregory G. Olsen was the consummate professional. Not only was Dr. Olsen very knowledgeable and experienced but he also had a way of putting all our fears at ease as he explained each step of the process thoroughly in a manner that both my daughter and I could easily understand.

We opted to have my daughter put under for the surgery as we were having all four wisdom teeth pulled, all of which were deeply impacted. Dr. Olsen was fast and thorough. The actual surgery time was barely 15 minutes! My daughter woke up asking when the surgery was going to begin. Haha! After time in recovery, Dr. Olsen and his warm and friendly staff explained to us step-by-step post-op care instructions and provided us with extra gauze, prescriptions for pain meds, a special rinse, and a really cool face pack to ease any chance of potential swelling. From my own past experience as well as others I have known of, I expected my daughter to look like a chipmunk after the surgery. However, to her (and my) delight, that never happened. I can only attribute that to Dr. Olsen's skill and surgical expertise. The surgery went so well that one would never have known that she had just had all four wisdom teeth removed. And believe me, my teenage daughter would've let me know she was unhappy about her appearance! Amazing!

What further impressed us about Dr. Olsen is his responsiveness to his patients after surgery. Whenever we had a question about the healing process or at times, very hypochondriac-like questions about the dreaded 'dry socket', Dr. Olsen was always readily available and answered each question with care and knowledge, putting our minds at ease.

Dr. Olsen made my daughter's 'rite of passage' such an easy painless experience. We fondly refer to it as the 'deluxe' treatment and as a result, Dr. Gregory Olsen's nickname in our household is 'Dr. G-luxe'!
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