Gregory G. Olsen, DDS, FICOI
2370 E. Bidwell, Suite 130
Folsom CA, 95630
Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction

Dr. Olsen is an experienced tooth extraction dentist in Folsom. When the extraction of a tooth is required:

1) An incision in the gums is made
2) The tooth is removed
3) The area is stitched up and is allowed to heal

During this time, it is important to think about a tooth replacement option. An extracted tooth leaves an open area in the jaw which, in time, allows the neighboring teeth to drift into the area where the tooth was extracted. This in turn, causes a chain reaction to all the surrounding teeth. Also, if you are considering placing an implant in the future, you should consider asking your dentist to place a bone graft at the time of surgery to preserve the bone width and height.

  • Daniel Nelson
    Dr Hosseini referred me to him several months ago he has that good Blues Brothers thing going on the more I think about it. He pulled one tooth I had no need for painkillers and was ready to do 20 miles that afternoon sweet. His staff are very well laid out from the time you enter the room. All the tools are laid out and ready extremely well organized office. And I love the patina on the wood in the waiting room just fits FOSIC.
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